Zacarito-SmoothieGym has been going really well past couple of days. Back into it in full force now.

I bought myself a blender recently because I was inspired by my brother.  He’s on a raw fruit and veg only diet.  I’m not gonna go that extreme, but I definitely want to start eating a lot more fruit and smoothies seem a great way to do it.  Once I’m a bit more comfortable with blending basic fruits I might try and work some vegetables into the smoothies too.


Post-Christmas Weigh in

Last weigh in:  97kg
Today’s weight:  98.8kg
Gain:  1.8kg

I’ve had quite a rough week, to be honest.  I’ve had over a week of no exercise, and have eaten a lot of crap  (chocolates, fish’n chips, McDonalds etc).

The weight gain wasn’t as bad as I had feared, and I hope what they say about recent fat gains being the easiest to burn off is true.

Feels good to be back into it now, but today’s gym workout (cardio) was quite tough.  I couldn’t finish my program, skipping the last exercise (water grinder). 

Onwards and upwards…  (or downwards, hopefully).

Endomondo Walking Workout

was out walking 7.02 km in 1h:18m:14s using Endomondo.
via Endomondo Walking Workout.

Walked up hospital road hill with little bro.

Resting heart rate

My Instant Heart Rate: 59. Measured with Android App

I’m not sure how credible an app that takes your heart rate using a phone camera can be,  but this apparently is a healthy resting heart rate. 60 to 100 is typical,  and lower for athletic people. Lower is generally better.

Posting here so I can compare down the track

My foot hates me :(

I’ve had quite an active day today.  This morning I went for a jog.  Once again, I jogged 3k and then my foot started going numb.  I couldn’t run any further because it was slightly painful and not being able to feel your feet is a bit unnerving.  So I ended up jogging 3km and walking 2km.  I really don’t know what’s causing this.  I suspect it may be due to my leg-length discrepancy  (I wear a heel wedge in my left foot but it’s the right foot losing circulation). 

11_3_origIt’s starting to frustrate me a lot because I really wanted to get into running in a bigger way.  I think it can be a really effective way of improving cardio and losing weight.  Plus it’s so easy.  I’m going to have to see somebody about it.  My family says to check with my doctor but I suspect it might be something a podiatrist might know more about.

I tried a new app for my android phone to track my run… Endomondo.  Doesn’t seem much different than RunKeeper.  Not sure which I prefer, to be honest.

This afternoon my brother and I walked to the gym and I took him through my cardio routine.  Was all good.  I tried the scales at this gym and if they’re to be believed I’ve gained 3kg *gasp*, but I’m not gonna worry until I get back home and weigh myself on my normal scales…  they seem much nicer to me!  I’m eating a lot of delicious, nutritious food here, and I really don’t know what to expect on the scales when I get back.

I’m feeling quite fatigued today…  sore lower back… stiff neck….  time for a day off tomorrow, I guess.

Weights with bro

Yesterday my little brother arrived in town. We walked to and from the gym and went through my weights program together.  My brother is a lot stronger and skinnier than me, but some things quite surprised me.

I do squats in the Smith’s Machine (easier) but he does them with a barbell.  I can only do about 40kg while he does 120kg! Though, I do more of the lighter weight to tone, where he does only 5 of the heavier weight to gain muscle.

What surprised me was when it came to doing exercises that I’ve been doing for a few weeks but he never does; his ability was not much better than mine.  It made me think about how practical these gym exercises are in the real world.  Are we building up general strength, or are we simply working on our abilities to do one specific, limited movement?

I was able to bump up a couple of weights.  Bent over rows I’m now using a 26.5kg barbell (from 20kg),  12 on the incline shoulder press (from 12kg), 16.5kg on the barbell curls (from 15kg) and even the dumbbell lateral raises that I find so difficult I managed to do at 5kg (from 4kg).  Progress!  🙂

Oddly, despite putting up my weights, I left the gym feeling I hadn’t worked out very hard.  Probably cos I wasn’t sweating much.  My brother said it’s probably because there was a lot more resting in between sets today as we took turns.  I vowed to do something to raise my heart rate for a bit longer the next day.

Saturday – cardio

roman-chair-grch322Catching up on 3 days here.

Saturday morning my cardio day at the gym went well.  Back extensions were a lot harder this time because the roman chair here has your feet and hips at the same height, whilst the one I use at home is on a 45 degree incline.

00000121747-NautilusNR2000Recumbent-largeThey didn’t have a water grinder for my arms so I tried the recumbent bicycle – something they don’t have at home – for one minute sprints.  Definitely got my heart rate up in the same way. Walked home from the gym, again. (approx 3km)

Took Sunday off…  had a hangover from the night before – a wedding where the food was relatively healthy but I drank a lot of wine.  I’m just not strict with my food…  I SHOULD (or COULD) be a lot stricter, and if and when the weight loss stops I probably will.

Back Home

I’m currently back in my home town for a friend’s wedding.  My gym has a reciprocal arrangement with many gyms around the country called Fitpass, where I’m able to to use these gyms for free, so fortunately I am able to use a local gym while I’m here.

It’s always interesting using a new gym.  Today I did my weights routine and was able to do my whole routine without problem.  Are rowing machines not standardised?  I found the rowing machine I used today to be twice as easy as the ones back home, even though I use the hardest setting on both.

Gisborne is a very easy going town, too.  I’ve used other gyms in bigger cities using Fitpass and usually I have to sign myself in, and am given a tour of the facilities before I begin.  Here I was just waved in and told to go for it. Another example is that two guys asked me to spot for them.  I never get asked to spot back home.

After my workout today (which seemed tougher than usual, but I got through it) I took a a casual walk through my home town and then a brisk walk home. 6 km total.


76013_496078680907_203607790907_7119857_5069120_nOn Mondays during Summer my gym has an activity called Strike-FX which is a cross between aerobics and kickboxing  (others might know it as body combat). It’s a medium to high intensity aerobics class that lasts about 45 minutes. I did it a few times last  year and always found it really fun but difficult.

Today was the second time I’ve done it this Summer and… phew!  What a workout!  I was sweating like a pig…  something I keep expecting to happen less the more fit and less fat I become… but the sweating seems to show no sign of slowing down for now.  Does what you eat before hand have anything to do with how much you sweat?  Cos I confess to eating a bit of junk food (chips and chocolate) before the session today.  Still,  the more you sweat, the more weight you’re losing, no?  Or is that just a myth?

Today I managed to get through the whole workout without taking a few breaks like I used to (the aerobics class doesn’t stop, obviously, and you look like a dick…)  so I was quite pleased.  I asked a couple of the others if today was easier than normal, and they said no,  which tells me my fitness and strength is improving.  Awesome.

Tonight I steamed some broccoli and ate it with 3 slices of pizza my flatmate had brought home.  I know most people would eat a few different vegies in one meal, but I’m quite happy doing it cheaply and eating lots of one vegetable; tonight I ate the whole head.

Weigh in day

Last weigh in:  97.4kg
Today’s weigh in: 97.0kg
Loss:  0.4kg

A small loss is better than a gain!  And I did have a couple of bad days this week so I’m quite happy with this.  From here on in I weigh less than I have for years.   7kg til my first goal 🙂

Gym today (cardio) was hard.  Sometimes I worry that my heart rate gets up too high and the burn is a bit TOO uncomfortable.  I hope I’m not pushing it too hard.  And sometimes it feels that the 45 second rest between sets isn’t quite enough to recover my breath.  But I do realise that’s kind of the point; to keep your heart rate up the whole time.

Tonight I tried cooking asparagus for the first time; I’m trying to get more vegetables into my system and this seemed simple enough.  Bring to the boil, simmer for 5 minutes, drain, serve.  I added some aioli sauce, but the taste of the asparagus was so overwhelming I could hardly taste it, so the sauce was wasted calories.  Next time I might add some mint sauce.  The asparagus was a little too crunchy so I might boil a little longer next time, though too crunchy is no doubt much better than over boiled.   So am I fan?  hmm…. not really.  I’ll have it once in a while.  Hopefully it will grow on me, because apparently asparagus is really good for you.

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