Great news (but not for diet…)

I had a really great week last week.  I got a new job which I really like, and have been training for that.  Unfortunately my diet and gym workouts have suffered a little but hopefully things will settle down with my new job and I’ll be back to normal and good habits soon.

I had 3 days off the gym in a row last week.  I went for a 5km run Saturday night, and did a high intensity resistance workout at the gym on Sunday (the lunges around the pool are a killer).  On Monday morning I had a PT session with my partner.  A rowing machine challenge (30 seconds rowing, 30 seconds rest for 10 minutes on hard/fast) and then some biking in between weights exercises. Was good – didn’t kill me as much as last week.  My weigh in was good news – back down to 93.1.

Today I was too tired to gym and worked this evening.

I’m working every day for the rest of the week but going to do my best to get to the gym when I can.  It won’t be as often as I have been, and I’m a little worried about how much bad food I’m eating (so easy to get a snack in town while I’m there).  Won’t be surprised if next week’s weigh in is a gain… but I’ll do my best to get back into good habits when I’ve adjusted to the new job.

Overall I’m quite happy at the moment.


Treadmill Challenge

high-intensity-interval-training-treadmillRelaxed for most of the day after my strenuous PT session yesterday, and surprisingly wasn’t feeling too sore or sluggish today.  At about 4pm I headed to the gym for something I’d been dreading a little – the treadmill cardio challenge.

The idea is that weight-loss program participants would do it today and then again at the end of the program to track improvement.  I knew the results would be written on the notice board so I really wanted to do my best.

The exercise consisted of a 5 minutes warm-up at 6km/h (walking) with a 4% incline, followed by one minute to return the incline to neutral. Then the speed was increased 1km/h every minute on the minute until we couldn’t go any further/faster. 

I noticed my partner had already recorded his achievement – he managed to finish 14km – so I was determined to at least equal that.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The girl doing it on the treadmill next to me dropped off after 11km/h but I was still doing fine.  At about 13km/h I was starting to feel it but was determined to keep going.  I was tempted to drop off after 14km/h to equal my partner but felt I still had a little bit more in me.  I ended up finishing 15km/h.

Was very pleased with this – quite proud.  At the time I wrote it down it was the highest achievement, but other people will have done it after me.  I then stayed and finished the high intensity cardio program, having already completed the treadmill component.

Dinner tonight was baked chicken pieces, mashed potato and broccoli.  I’m feeling good.

Week 2: Weigh in and PT session

I’m going to try and get through this post quickly because I’m not feeling so good.  I think I overexerted myself today.  Now I have a headache and feel very flushed (hot) and drained – 8 hours after!

I was very good over the weekend.  Completed a high intensity cardio program on Saturday, and a high intensity resistance program on Sunday.

When it came to weighing in today, I was disappointed to discover I’d gained half a kilo (1lb), despite all my efforts. I know I had a couple of binges last week but I thought I’d worked hard enough to offset them. 

Image 1

Guess I’ll just have to try harder.  I know it can be just natural bodyweight variation so I won’t dwell on it too much.  I’ve also been really sore the last few days from the harder exercises so I’m no doubt gaining lots of muscle that will assist in fan burning down the track.

After my program partner and I weighed in, we had a session with a personal trainer (Debbie).  It’s the first time I’ve ever had a PT session. And OMG it was TOUGH:

Warm up on treadmill, and then speed upped to 14km/h (fastest I’ve ever set it to) 
Run for a minute, then 10 burpees. 
Run for another minute, 10 burpees, 10 squat jumps.
Run for another minute, 10 burpees, 10 squat jumps, 10 push ups
Run for another minute, 10 burpees, 10 squat jumps, 10 push ups
Run for another minute, 10 burpees, 10 squat jumps, 10 push ups

At that point we were both keeling over, but there was no way Debbie was having mercy.  Out by the pool we did ladders with high knees etc,  and then plank-exercisebox step ups and kettle ball swings.  Some more ladders, and then onto the mat for planking.  We did 60sec, followed by 50sec, then 40sec, 30sec and another 30sec.  Sooo tough!  Some more ladders and then some more box squats and kettle bell swings.

Overall it was an intense workout that had me sweating like a pig and painfully out of breath most of the way through. I estimate that I pushed myself about 40% harder than I would have without a trainer. 

For 20 minutes after the session I was dizzy and had to stay seated.  I took the bike ride home very easy because I was worried that I would faint.  I spent the rest of the day resting.

Tomorrow we are doing a cardio challenge at the gym, but I’ll probably leave it til the evening to give my body a slightly longer recovery period.

I haven’t had these headaches for a while – not since I first started going to the gym and I was pushing myself hard.  I’m sure my body will adjust eventually to this higher level, too.  But right now, I’m heading to bed for a much needed recharge.

High Intensity Resistance

Straight back into the gym today to make amends for yesterday’s binge.  Seeing the wall at the gym where our weight-loss challenge achievements will be posted has made me very motivated to record a loss this week  (hey, I’m a guy – we’re naturally competitive!)

Today I gave the high intensity resistance program a first attempt.  Like the cardio one, it was very tough but I got through it.

Sumo Squat Upright RowBarbell squat and press*, push ups, sumo squat with upright row* (pictured) and burpees was the first superset.  Then I moved onto cable deadlifts*, assisted pull ups, tricep dips* and cable curls*.  Out to the pool to do a lap around it in lunges  (poor practice, really as the side of the pool is often wet).  Finally some mat work:  Medicine Ball Russian twists, swiss ball plank and bicycle crunches.      *= new to me

Difficult exercises for me are the lunges (I could only do half a lap but I’ll work up to it) and the Medicine Ball Russian Twists; I’ve done them before in a previous program but I kept my feet on the floor.  Now I’m attempting to do them with my feet in the air and I feel really uncoordinated, but I’m slowly starting to manage it.


Medicine Ball Russian Twists


Ate less food than usual today to hopefully accommodate for yesterday’s binge.  Expecting my muscles to feel a little sore in the morning.  Sore is good.  🙂

8 Week Weight Loss: Schedule

I’m feeling all motivated about this 8 week challenge now. Here is my schedule for the next 8 weeks. I’ll basically be doing some form of fitness every day. If I feel like I need a day off I will take one, but my trainer says it would be better to do a lighter workout instead.

Another binge :(

Well today I woke up at lunch time, with a headache and no energy.   I gave in to a day off (everything) very easily.  I’ve basically been in bed all day feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Today I’ve eaten:  A large packet of burger rings (lunch), burger and chips (dinner)  and a chocolate bar.  Estimation:  about 3000 calories  (of my 2600 RDI).

I am a little disappointed in myself, especially as I’ve just started the 8 week weight loss challenge and might not contribute a loss for my team.  But I felt really good after the binge, which tells me my body must have been hanging out for it.

Tomorrow is another day, and I feel confident I’ll be back on track tomorrow.

8 Week Weight Loss Program

Weightloss722Though I’m still losing weight, I feel that the rate I’m losing it has slowed down quite considerably.  Cue my gym offering an 8 week weight loss challenge and I thought it would be a great opportunity to step things up a notch.  It’s really good value too;  $100 would normally get you just 1 or 2 PT sessions but here it covers the whole 8 weeks including group activities and a PT session every week.

Last night was a weigh in (93.5kg) and measure, followed by a quick pep talk. Because it’s done with partners I was partnered up with the only other guy there – yep, about 12 women and just 2 guys.  The guy I’m partnered up with seems pretty cool – he’s a little bit older but about the same height and weight.  Plus he has depression issues too so we can relate to each other.

Tonight we were all shown two new programs – high intensity cardio and high intensity resistance.  Most people left afterwards but I stuck around and gave the cardio one a go.  Phew – that was intense!  The toughest part of the program was:

smooth_fitness_5.65__1Treadmill on fast pace
1 min run {1 burpee, 1 squat-jump, 1 push-up}
1 min run {2 burpees, 2 squat-jumps, 2 push-ups}
etc etc.
Repeat up to 5 reps of each,  have a 2 minute break, and then repeat.

After that I was feeling dizzy, my heart was racing almost painfully and I was sweating like a pig.  But I felt proud that I got through it. Next week the PT sessions and group exercises start.

Binge :(

shareywFeeling tired from recent workouts and a bit of disappointing news today saw me walking up to the shop to buy some junk food.  Yeah, I guess I’m weak. 😦

This is what I got:  A large packet of burger rings, a packet of mallow puffs (chocolate biscuits) and a block of chocolate.  Total calories:  2800.

D’oh.  That’s 200 more calories than my RDI and 600 more than my actual output for today (no activity). So today is the first day in quite a long time that my calories in was more than my calories out.  Oh well.  One day won’t kill me, right?

It did mean that I couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day.

In good news, when I weighted in at the gym yesterday I was 93.1kg. Half a kg lighter than last week and the lightest I’ve been in years.  And when I was at the doctor yesterday I learned that my blood pressure had come down a bit (now 140/85).  I’m not sure if it’s the medication or the weight loss – but either way it’s good news.

At the gym I’ve just signed up for a "8 Week Weight Loss Challenge".  Will post more about it when it starts next week.  Still feeling a bit disappointed about today.  Oh well… tomorrow is another day.

5km jog – non stop :)

I feel so proud tonight.  I had taken the day off the gym because my upper body is a little stiff from my new weights program.  Tonight I decided to go for a jog.

Image 11I am so pleased with how well I did.  I managed to run 5km non-stop in just under 30 minutes. [Endomo] Not impressive by anyone’s standards, but being able to jog solidly without stopping was a great achievement for me.

I had done it once in the past but one of my ankles went completely numb half way through.  This time I was careful to land solidly on the foot (as opposed to rolling to the side) and to put some spring in my step.  I did get a hint of numbness but nothing like before, so I obviously just have to be more conscious of my running technique.  I’m also a bit lighter so that probably helps.

I feel my fitness level is really progressing.  What made this obvious tonight was the fact that my lungs weren’t burning; this is usually what has stopped me running in the past – needing to catch my breath.  I probably couldn’t have run much further than the 5km tonight, but it would have been genuine fatigue that made me stop.  Not burning lungs, not chest pains, not a sore ankle.  And fatigue is something I can work on, without so much pain.

Man, that feels good.

My new gym program

Cardio Day

Treadmill:  5min@11, 1min@easy, 5min@10 with 5%incline, 1min@easy, 3min@9.

Spin bike:  [ 1min@easy, 1min@medium, 1min@hard, 15 push ups. ] x4

Elliptical:  10min@14

Abdominals superset:   [x2]
  Swiss ball rollouts x 12
  Ankle touches x 15(each)
  Reverse crunch x 15
  Partial crunch x 15
  Swiss ball plank @40sec

Treadmill: 1km in best time.


Weights Day

Bike:  5-10min warm-up

Smith Machine Squat  x 10 (holding last rep 10 seconds)  [x4]

Dumbbell Chest Press:  4×15@15kg
Cable Row:  4×15@42kg

Pec Deck:  4×15@20kg
Straight Arm Pulldown:  4×15@36kg

Cable Upright Row:  3×15@36kg
Tricep Pulldown (rope):  3×10@42kg

Alternate front/lateral raises:  3×12@6kg
Barbell Biceps Curl:  3×10@20kg

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