Gained weight – time to refocus

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Eeek, I gained 1.5kg this week.  I’m finding it quite difficult to balance full time shift work (sometimes crazy hours) with getting to the gym and getting enough sleep.  Since I started this job I’ve gone from hitting the gym 5/6 times a week to 2/3 times a week, and I’m buying bad food on my meal breaks far too often.  This weigh in just highlights the need for me to get back into good habits. Perhaps I’ll stop putting my hand up for extra work if it means I can’t look after myself so well.  I’m no superman!

Today I had a flu vaccination so was advised against my PT session today. I used it as an opportunity to talk with my trainer about last weeks physio appointment.  He’s being really good and is going to rework my program to address the tight muscles on my torsos right side.  He’s also recommended I see a masseur that has just started working at the gym to loosen those muscles and work out the stiffness.  Can’t hurt to try it a few times.  

So yeah…. just really need to refocus and be disciplined again about everything that goes into my mouth and getting out for exercises.  I went to the gym twice last week and a 5km run on Friday night.  Although I finished the 5km in under half an hour, I found it difficult… though I know running is all about good days and bad days.

Hoping to have a better week this week.


My first ever physio appointment

Today I had my first ever appointment with a physiotherapist.  A few things had been bugging me about my body at the gym and during my runs – things that seemed to go a bit beyond the knowledge of gym trainers.  I’d been wanting to go for a while, but hadn’t been in a position to afford physiotherapy until recently.

The first thing that struck me both when making the appointment and when turning up to it was that they seemed to think I was crazy for making an appointment when I didn’t have an injury and wasn’t paying with insurance.  "You… don’t want me to treat you?" the physio asked, stunned.  I explained to him that at this stage I just wanted some advice on a few things.  I was genuinely surprised that this was apparently uncommon.

I explained my situation to him. A year ago I had seen a podiatrist because I felt I had been walking funny; I’d felt unsteady on my feet and my right foot seemed to turn out gel-heel-wedge-spurmore than my left.  That podiatrist concluded that I had a leg length discrepancy; my left leg was one centimetre shorter than my right.  She gave me a heel wedge to put in a new pair of running shoes I bought at the same time.  I’ve been wearing that heel wedge for a year, since. It genuinely has made me feel more steady on my feet, but I’ve had a problem with my right foot going tingly and numb during my runs.

Physio-TreatmentSurprisingly, this physio concluded that I don’t have a leg length discrepancy at all.  He discovered that the reason my right leg was turning outwards was because of tight/knotted muscles down the right side of my body, including the right side of my lower back, my buttocks and my calf. To prove his point he pressed in on where the knots were and I felt pain.  He pressed  in the same places on the other side and there was no pain. He also got me to try a short calf stretch, and while I could stretch the left leg fine, my right leg was too stiff and rigid.

reverse_crunchThinking that some other problems I’d been having might be related, I told him that I find it almost impossible to keep my torso upright when I squat (I lean forward) and that my hip clicks painfully when I lower my legs in a reverse crunch.  He said the former was probably related, but the he couldn’t explain the latter at all, only to say that the exercise was beyond my ability. Odd, because other people don’t seem to struggle with reverse crunches and they’re used even on easy mode of EA Sports Active 2.  My pelvis was tilting to far forward where my back should remain on the floor.  Hard.

After the appointment I wanted a second opinion so went round the corner to an orthotics place that I know gives free friendly advice.  The guy there confirmed my leg lengths are the same, so "the physio is probably right".  Hmmm.

How do physiotherapists work out long-term muscle spasms/knots?  The physio said it wouldn’t be easy, and that it would hurt and take multiple visits (once per week).  The last time a professional told me that (a chiropractor), it simply wasn’t an option for me.  But just cos I have a little more money now doesn’t mean I want to be spending that kind of money.  Sigh… I’m not good at making decisions.  If anyone reading this has a decent knowledge of muscles or physiotherapy, I would totally appreciate any opinions or advice.

Monday weigh in and PT

I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping during the weekends at the moment.   I finish work at 10pm on Friday night and have to be back there by 8am the next morning, and probably because the job is so new and exciting I’m having trouble switching off.  I don’t know how I did it but I managed to survive the weekend on about 1 hours sleep each night.

Today I caught up and slept in til 1pm!  I had a personal training session with my weight-loss partner at 2pm, and like always it was pretty intense:

We started with a circuit of:
Barbell squat and presses  x12
workouts365.com_single_arm_dumbbell_shoulder_pressBox jumps  x 10
Incline sit ups  x 12
Press ups x MAX

We did that circuit 3 times.  Our next circuit was on the mat with a dumbbell:
Lie on our back, stand up and press
Kettle bell squats (with dumbbell)
Dumbbell on the ground, pull up and press (alternating hands)

That second circuit was incremental, so one of each then two of each etc for 10 minutes.

I weighed myself afterwards and had lost another 700g  (1 pound) this week.  I was a little surprised to be honest.  I had still been eating left over chocolates from my birthday and eating a bit of take out in town after work.  Last night I even had fish and chips.  Sometimes it seems there is no connection at all between junk food I eat and my weight.

Anyway…  I’m still losing weight… still the lightest I’ve been in years, and work is going great.  I’m a pretty happy guy.

My personal trainer is trying to kill me…

…  but I lived to tell the story!

Today is Monday which means weigh in and a personal training session alongside my workout partner.  Today’s weigh in was good – 92.5kg which is a 600g (1 pound) loss from last week.  Yesterday was my birthday so I allowed myself a few treats – I pigged out actually – chocolate, crisps and hot chips.  Not sure if that weight has gone on yet, or whether it might show up in next week’s weigh in.  600g isn’t a huge loss, but I’m the lightest I’ve been in years and I accept it’s going to get harder to maintain weight loss the closer I get to my goal  (currently 90kg).

today's weight

Today’s personal training session was a killer! We warmed up with 1000 meters on the rower (on hardest level/relaxed pace).  Then the real task began:

Row 250m, 1  DB push-up burpee, 1 dumbbell curl and raise, and 1 dumbbell step up.
Row 250m, 2 DB push-up burpees, 2 dumbbell curl and raises, 2 dumbbell step ups.
Row 250m, 3 DB push-up burpees, 3 dumbbell curl and raises, 3 dumbbell step ups.

All the way up to 10 of each.

Dumbbell BurpeeIt took me exactly half an hour and nearer the end I was really struggling. My partner and I seemed to be on the same level.  It took me a good 20 minutes to recover, and then I had a dip in the pool to cool down.

Tonight’s dinner is pork and vegetable stir fry.

Feeling good 🙂

Upper/Lower body challenges

Hit the gym this morning and today’s tasks were to record how many push-ups and smith machine squats we could do.

smith-squat1The push-ups were slightly modified so that we started on the ground and had to rest our body on the ground for a second before we pushed back up.  I could do 30.

Smith machine squats have been part of my routines so I’m more confident with them.  This was slightly modified so that our butt had to make contact with a bench so that everyone squatted the same depth.  I was able to do 109 (20kg).

After the challenges I just did a few random gym exercises at my leisure.

Food:  All bran and a smoothie for breakfast.  A burger and fries for lunch in town (tsk) and a can of tuna with crackers for dinner. A nashi for supper.

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