Boxfit, Program and Stairs

Last night Box-fit activity was fun.  I was partnered up with another guy this time which helps.  I’ve found the toughest times are not when you have to punch hard but when you have to punch fast.  Keeping your hands up can be very tiring.

I’m still not sleeping very well.  Today I snoozed in til lunch time after finally getting to sleep at some ridiculous hour after the sun came up.  I still don’t understand why I’ve had trouble sleeping as soon as I started exercising 😦

This morning at the gym I went through our weight-loss routine for the third time, and today it seemed hard than usual (probably due to the lack of sleep).  I really struggled with dumbbell surrenders,  and could only last 5 minutes on the treadmill (set to 11)  instead of the target 7.  Still, I enjoy the Spin component at the end.  It’s non stop for about 15 minutes alternating between easy and hard, easy and standing hard.  Worked up a good sweat and I wasn’t left breathless throughout.

I only got a couple of hours rest in and home before I had to leave for a local stadium for Stairs with the group.  This was short but intense.  For 20 minutes we just went up and down the stairs (4 storeys) non stop.  I managed to do 11 climb and descends which I guess is the equivalent of 88 storeys travelled.  It started getting very tough at the end there and I needed to take moments between levels on the way up.  So next week I have to aim to beat 11.

Tonights dinner was a small piece of grilled pork, asparagus, broccoli and boiled carrot.  Not the best tasting dinner…  I have got to learn some tricks.

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