Dude, where’s my weight loss?

Tuesday this week marked the end of the 8 week weight loss programme I’ve been doing, And no weight loss to show for it!  The Tuesday just gone was the final weigh in for the 8 week weight loss program I’ve been doing at the gym.  My net loss?  A whopping 900g.  I don’t know why, but EVERYBODY in the program had disappointing results.  Though there were about 15 people in the program, the total weight lost was 5kg (so I did about 20% of that!)

Though my result was unimpressive, it beats gaining weight, and I kind of feel that I had a genuine excuse.  I signed up for the program when I was unemployed, and had plenty of time to put into it.  Not long after, I found work, and going to the gym went from a 5-per-week thing to a twice a week thing, and my diet went out the window.


I’m so close to my 90kg target, but I’ve been this close for a couple of months now.  90kg was a realistic target, but my ideal weight would be between 80-85kg.  So I won’t be resting any time soon, even though I’ve plateaued.  Just today at work I saw a book someone was selling called "Losing the last 5 kilos".  It motivated me a bit to keep going.

I booked in for a reassessment at the gym on Thursday.  My muscle mass has increased since February, and my percentage of body fat has also decreased (now 21%).  My visceral fat also fell from 8% to 7%.  So it was reassuring to see I’m still making progress, despite the weight plateau.  There was something else that was reassuring, too.  I had a fitness test.  I don’t really understand the science, but I was put on a bike for about 6 minutes,  and the resistance changed periodically while it monitored my heart rate.  My result was 51.9ml/kg/min which places my fitness at "Excellent"



It blows my mind that I’m considered fitter than most people.  Cos honestly, I still feel very big and unfit. 

The main purpose for the reassessment, though, was to refocus.  To get a new schedule to follow that will help me lose the last few kilos and get even fitter.  My trainer says the schedule he’s going to do for me will involve doing exercise 6 days a week; an hour at the gym Monday to Friday, and a jog after work one day in the weekend.  Sounds intense, but I’m motivated to do it.  I’m meeting up with him on Tuesday to go over the new programme.

This week I got to the gym 4 times, and went for a 5km run this evening.  It was reassuring to know I can still do it; I thought my fitness might have declined since I last did it.  My right foot is still going numb at the 4km mark, though.    I will see another podiatrist soon.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Now that I’m on top of my new job and have re-gained my work/exercise balance, I’ll endeavour to post more.  Rock on.


Upper/Lower body challenges

Hit the gym this morning and today’s tasks were to record how many push-ups and smith machine squats we could do.

smith-squat1The push-ups were slightly modified so that we started on the ground and had to rest our body on the ground for a second before we pushed back up.  I could do 30.

Smith machine squats have been part of my routines so I’m more confident with them.  This was slightly modified so that our butt had to make contact with a bench so that everyone squatted the same depth.  I was able to do 109 (20kg).

After the challenges I just did a few random gym exercises at my leisure.

Food:  All bran and a smoothie for breakfast.  A burger and fries for lunch in town (tsk) and a can of tuna with crackers for dinner. A nashi for supper.

Great news (but not for diet…)

I had a really great week last week.  I got a new job which I really like, and have been training for that.  Unfortunately my diet and gym workouts have suffered a little but hopefully things will settle down with my new job and I’ll be back to normal and good habits soon.

I had 3 days off the gym in a row last week.  I went for a 5km run Saturday night, and did a high intensity resistance workout at the gym on Sunday (the lunges around the pool are a killer).  On Monday morning I had a PT session with my partner.  A rowing machine challenge (30 seconds rowing, 30 seconds rest for 10 minutes on hard/fast) and then some biking in between weights exercises. Was good – didn’t kill me as much as last week.  My weigh in was good news – back down to 93.1.

Today I was too tired to gym and worked this evening.

I’m working every day for the rest of the week but going to do my best to get to the gym when I can.  It won’t be as often as I have been, and I’m a little worried about how much bad food I’m eating (so easy to get a snack in town while I’m there).  Won’t be surprised if next week’s weigh in is a gain… but I’ll do my best to get back into good habits when I’ve adjusted to the new job.

Overall I’m quite happy at the moment.

Treadmill Challenge

high-intensity-interval-training-treadmillRelaxed for most of the day after my strenuous PT session yesterday, and surprisingly wasn’t feeling too sore or sluggish today.  At about 4pm I headed to the gym for something I’d been dreading a little – the treadmill cardio challenge.

The idea is that weight-loss program participants would do it today and then again at the end of the program to track improvement.  I knew the results would be written on the notice board so I really wanted to do my best.

The exercise consisted of a 5 minutes warm-up at 6km/h (walking) with a 4% incline, followed by one minute to return the incline to neutral. Then the speed was increased 1km/h every minute on the minute until we couldn’t go any further/faster. 

I noticed my partner had already recorded his achievement – he managed to finish 14km – so I was determined to at least equal that.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The girl doing it on the treadmill next to me dropped off after 11km/h but I was still doing fine.  At about 13km/h I was starting to feel it but was determined to keep going.  I was tempted to drop off after 14km/h to equal my partner but felt I still had a little bit more in me.  I ended up finishing 15km/h.

Was very pleased with this – quite proud.  At the time I wrote it down it was the highest achievement, but other people will have done it after me.  I then stayed and finished the high intensity cardio program, having already completed the treadmill component.

Dinner tonight was baked chicken pieces, mashed potato and broccoli.  I’m feeling good.

High Intensity Resistance

Straight back into the gym today to make amends for yesterday’s binge.  Seeing the wall at the gym where our weight-loss challenge achievements will be posted has made me very motivated to record a loss this week  (hey, I’m a guy – we’re naturally competitive!)

Today I gave the high intensity resistance program a first attempt.  Like the cardio one, it was very tough but I got through it.

Sumo Squat Upright RowBarbell squat and press*, push ups, sumo squat with upright row* (pictured) and burpees was the first superset.  Then I moved onto cable deadlifts*, assisted pull ups, tricep dips* and cable curls*.  Out to the pool to do a lap around it in lunges  (poor practice, really as the side of the pool is often wet).  Finally some mat work:  Medicine Ball Russian twists, swiss ball plank and bicycle crunches.      *= new to me

Difficult exercises for me are the lunges (I could only do half a lap but I’ll work up to it) and the Medicine Ball Russian Twists; I’ve done them before in a previous program but I kept my feet on the floor.  Now I’m attempting to do them with my feet in the air and I feel really uncoordinated, but I’m slowly starting to manage it.


Medicine Ball Russian Twists


Ate less food than usual today to hopefully accommodate for yesterday’s binge.  Expecting my muscles to feel a little sore in the morning.  Sore is good.  🙂

Another binge :(

Well today I woke up at lunch time, with a headache and no energy.   I gave in to a day off (everything) very easily.  I’ve basically been in bed all day feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Today I’ve eaten:  A large packet of burger rings (lunch), burger and chips (dinner)  and a chocolate bar.  Estimation:  about 3000 calories  (of my 2600 RDI).

I am a little disappointed in myself, especially as I’ve just started the 8 week weight loss challenge and might not contribute a loss for my team.  But I felt really good after the binge, which tells me my body must have been hanging out for it.

Tomorrow is another day, and I feel confident I’ll be back on track tomorrow.

8 Week Weight Loss Program

Weightloss722Though I’m still losing weight, I feel that the rate I’m losing it has slowed down quite considerably.  Cue my gym offering an 8 week weight loss challenge and I thought it would be a great opportunity to step things up a notch.  It’s really good value too;  $100 would normally get you just 1 or 2 PT sessions but here it covers the whole 8 weeks including group activities and a PT session every week.

Last night was a weigh in (93.5kg) and measure, followed by a quick pep talk. Because it’s done with partners I was partnered up with the only other guy there – yep, about 12 women and just 2 guys.  The guy I’m partnered up with seems pretty cool – he’s a little bit older but about the same height and weight.  Plus he has depression issues too so we can relate to each other.

Tonight we were all shown two new programs – high intensity cardio and high intensity resistance.  Most people left afterwards but I stuck around and gave the cardio one a go.  Phew – that was intense!  The toughest part of the program was:

smooth_fitness_5.65__1Treadmill on fast pace
1 min run {1 burpee, 1 squat-jump, 1 push-up}
1 min run {2 burpees, 2 squat-jumps, 2 push-ups}
etc etc.
Repeat up to 5 reps of each,  have a 2 minute break, and then repeat.

After that I was feeling dizzy, my heart was racing almost painfully and I was sweating like a pig.  But I felt proud that I got through it. Next week the PT sessions and group exercises start.

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