My foot hates me :(

I’ve had quite an active day today.  This morning I went for a jog.  Once again, I jogged 3k and then my foot started going numb.  I couldn’t run any further because it was slightly painful and not being able to feel your feet is a bit unnerving.  So I ended up jogging 3km and walking 2km.  I really don’t know what’s causing this.  I suspect it may be due to my leg-length discrepancy  (I wear a heel wedge in my left foot but it’s the right foot losing circulation). 

11_3_origIt’s starting to frustrate me a lot because I really wanted to get into running in a bigger way.  I think it can be a really effective way of improving cardio and losing weight.  Plus it’s so easy.  I’m going to have to see somebody about it.  My family says to check with my doctor but I suspect it might be something a podiatrist might know more about.

I tried a new app for my android phone to track my run… Endomondo.  Doesn’t seem much different than RunKeeper.  Not sure which I prefer, to be honest.

This afternoon my brother and I walked to the gym and I took him through my cardio routine.  Was all good.  I tried the scales at this gym and if they’re to be believed I’ve gained 3kg *gasp*, but I’m not gonna worry until I get back home and weigh myself on my normal scales…  they seem much nicer to me!  I’m eating a lot of delicious, nutritious food here, and I really don’t know what to expect on the scales when I get back.

I’m feeling quite fatigued today…  sore lower back… stiff neck….  time for a day off tomorrow, I guess.


Weights with bro

Yesterday my little brother arrived in town. We walked to and from the gym and went through my weights program together.  My brother is a lot stronger and skinnier than me, but some things quite surprised me.

I do squats in the Smith’s Machine (easier) but he does them with a barbell.  I can only do about 40kg while he does 120kg! Though, I do more of the lighter weight to tone, where he does only 5 of the heavier weight to gain muscle.

What surprised me was when it came to doing exercises that I’ve been doing for a few weeks but he never does; his ability was not much better than mine.  It made me think about how practical these gym exercises are in the real world.  Are we building up general strength, or are we simply working on our abilities to do one specific, limited movement?

I was able to bump up a couple of weights.  Bent over rows I’m now using a 26.5kg barbell (from 20kg),  12 on the incline shoulder press (from 12kg), 16.5kg on the barbell curls (from 15kg) and even the dumbbell lateral raises that I find so difficult I managed to do at 5kg (from 4kg).  Progress!  🙂

Oddly, despite putting up my weights, I left the gym feeling I hadn’t worked out very hard.  Probably cos I wasn’t sweating much.  My brother said it’s probably because there was a lot more resting in between sets today as we took turns.  I vowed to do something to raise my heart rate for a bit longer the next day.

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