My foot hates me :(

I’ve had quite an active day today.  This morning I went for a jog.  Once again, I jogged 3k and then my foot started going numb.  I couldn’t run any further because it was slightly painful and not being able to feel your feet is a bit unnerving.  So I ended up jogging 3km and walking 2km.  I really don’t know what’s causing this.  I suspect it may be due to my leg-length discrepancy  (I wear a heel wedge in my left foot but it’s the right foot losing circulation). 

11_3_origIt’s starting to frustrate me a lot because I really wanted to get into running in a bigger way.  I think it can be a really effective way of improving cardio and losing weight.  Plus it’s so easy.  I’m going to have to see somebody about it.  My family says to check with my doctor but I suspect it might be something a podiatrist might know more about.

I tried a new app for my android phone to track my run… Endomondo.  Doesn’t seem much different than RunKeeper.  Not sure which I prefer, to be honest.

This afternoon my brother and I walked to the gym and I took him through my cardio routine.  Was all good.  I tried the scales at this gym and if they’re to be believed I’ve gained 3kg *gasp*, but I’m not gonna worry until I get back home and weigh myself on my normal scales…  they seem much nicer to me!  I’m eating a lot of delicious, nutritious food here, and I really don’t know what to expect on the scales when I get back.

I’m feeling quite fatigued today…  sore lower back… stiff neck….  time for a day off tomorrow, I guess.


Saturday – cardio

roman-chair-grch322Catching up on 3 days here.

Saturday morning my cardio day at the gym went well.  Back extensions were a lot harder this time because the roman chair here has your feet and hips at the same height, whilst the one I use at home is on a 45 degree incline.

00000121747-NautilusNR2000Recumbent-largeThey didn’t have a water grinder for my arms so I tried the recumbent bicycle – something they don’t have at home – for one minute sprints.  Definitely got my heart rate up in the same way. Walked home from the gym, again. (approx 3km)

Took Sunday off…  had a hangover from the night before – a wedding where the food was relatively healthy but I drank a lot of wine.  I’m just not strict with my food…  I SHOULD (or COULD) be a lot stricter, and if and when the weight loss stops I probably will.

Back Home

I’m currently back in my home town for a friend’s wedding.  My gym has a reciprocal arrangement with many gyms around the country called Fitpass, where I’m able to to use these gyms for free, so fortunately I am able to use a local gym while I’m here.

It’s always interesting using a new gym.  Today I did my weights routine and was able to do my whole routine without problem.  Are rowing machines not standardised?  I found the rowing machine I used today to be twice as easy as the ones back home, even though I use the hardest setting on both.

Gisborne is a very easy going town, too.  I’ve used other gyms in bigger cities using Fitpass and usually I have to sign myself in, and am given a tour of the facilities before I begin.  Here I was just waved in and told to go for it. Another example is that two guys asked me to spot for them.  I never get asked to spot back home.

After my workout today (which seemed tougher than usual, but I got through it) I took a a casual walk through my home town and then a brisk walk home. 6 km total.

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