Resting heart rate

My Instant Heart Rate: 59. Measured with Android App

I’m not sure how credible an app that takes your heart rate using a phone camera can be,  but this apparently is a healthy resting heart rate. 60 to 100 is typical,  and lower for athletic people. Lower is generally better.

Posting here so I can compare down the track


Weigh in day

Last weigh in:  97.4kg
Today’s weigh in: 97.0kg
Loss:  0.4kg

A small loss is better than a gain!  And I did have a couple of bad days this week so I’m quite happy with this.  From here on in I weigh less than I have for years.   7kg til my first goal 🙂

Gym today (cardio) was hard.  Sometimes I worry that my heart rate gets up too high and the burn is a bit TOO uncomfortable.  I hope I’m not pushing it too hard.  And sometimes it feels that the 45 second rest between sets isn’t quite enough to recover my breath.  But I do realise that’s kind of the point; to keep your heart rate up the whole time.

Tonight I tried cooking asparagus for the first time; I’m trying to get more vegetables into my system and this seemed simple enough.  Bring to the boil, simmer for 5 minutes, drain, serve.  I added some aioli sauce, but the taste of the asparagus was so overwhelming I could hardly taste it, so the sauce was wasted calories.  Next time I might add some mint sauce.  The asparagus was a little too crunchy so I might boil a little longer next time, though too crunchy is no doubt much better than over boiled.   So am I fan?  hmm…. not really.  I’ll have it once in a while.  Hopefully it will grow on me, because apparently asparagus is really good for you.

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