Weights day 2 – getting easier

Today was the second day of going through my new weights program.  Every 3-4 months, I get reassessed by the gym team, go over my goals and am given a new program to do for the next few months.

This time I saw Sheree (trainer) for the first time, and either she has a lot of confidence in me, or she really wants to help with my weight loss, because this new program is hard!  A real step up from my last one.  In fact, I wasn’t able to finish it the first time…  today I just made it.

I’ll lay out my routines in the next post.  I have two programs that I do on alternate days – one for cardio and core exercises, and the other for weight training.  While I don’t have a desire to get buff  (would rather just be slimmer), it seems to be accepted that doing weights is a great method of burning fat.

The past week, I’ve actually been quite sore in the days following trying this new program for the first time.  So sore, in fact, I had to take a couple days off.

imageOn my cardio day,  it was back extensions that got me.  The program had specified 3 sets of 20, but there’s just no way I can do that much.  I’ve settled on 3×12 for now.  One of the gym-goers warned me that the first time he did back extensions, he felt very sore the next day; even though I was expecting it, I was a little surprised. The exercise doesn’t seem so hard when you are doing it.  Anyway, my back was really sore for a few days afterwards.

imageOn my weights day, the exercise I’m finding hardest is dumbbell lateral raises.  I’m doing this in combination with shoulder presses.  I’m only using 4kg in each arm, but hell, it’s difficult!  I’m supposed to do 30 seconds of each exercise, but I only seem to manage about 6 lateral raises at the moment.  The day after my first weights day, my shoulders were so sore I actually felt like crying at the gym.  I mentioned it to a trainer but just got told that "pain was good".  Hmmmph.

Thankfully, I’m not sore after today’s workout, though I might be tomorrow morning.  I’m actually feeling pretty good today… and productive.

Tonight’s dinner:  Green curry chicken with capsicum, peas and brown rice.

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