Running Activity 4.61 km | RunKeeper

Running Activity 4.61 km | RunKeeper.

time:  34:21
calories:  464

Today was my day off the gym but I hate not doing anything so I went for a run instead.  Last week I jogged 5km non-stop for the first time, but I wasn’t able to do so today;  I think I’m feeling pretty fatigued.  I jogged for about 3km but then walked for most of the rest (stopping to buy milk on the way).

My right foot is still going numb at about the 4km mark, as it has on previous runs.  I have a leg-length deficiency;  my left leg is 1cm shorter than my right, and although I have a heel wedge in my left shoe, I think this deficiency might be the cause of my right foot numbness.  I’ll have to go see somebody about it.

Last night I was feeling a bit depressed and pigged out on fish and chips again…  sigh. This was after having a chicken burger and milkshake for lunch.  I always seem to turn to junk food when I’m feeling tired/drained.

Maybe I’m pushing it too hard?  But I’m not making much weight loss progress recently.  Gah.  It seems to be getting harder recently, not easier.

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