Weigh in Day (week 1 of 8)

My glutes and lower back were very sore over the weekend.  I didn’t work on as I worked long shifts both days, but did end up walking home both days as my bike had a puncture.  Finally the tenderness and pain started to fade today in time to get back into it.

l86550923Today I walked to the gym, which was about 30 minutes there and 40 minutes back (knackered). Today I tried the workout program issued to everyone for the weight loss program.  It’s just what you’d expect – cardio, cardio, cardio.  I rowed, ran, cycled and in between did exercises like burpees, pushups, step ups, kettlebell swings, dumbbell surrenders (pictured) and ab exercises.  Basically the idea is to keep your heart rate up the whole time, which it did.  I didn’t find it  it too hard.   Actually I’m surprised how easy it has been to get back into exercise this time round.  I would have thought over winter I would have lost it all and it would be as hard/painful as it was when I first started the year before.

My weigh in shows I lost 900g this week.  Not the 1.5kg  that would put me on target for losing 12kg in 8 weeks,  but not bad a start.  Hoping for a bigger loss next week.

Have relied on Pita Pit the last couple nights for dinner.  I love their pitas so much and they’re healthy so I don’t feel bad about it.  But now I have 3 days off so no excuse not to cook Smile


Calories: Fish and Chips vs. Pita Pit

You may recall I made it my personal goal to go without fish and chips for the month of January.  It may seem like an easy/silly goal, but I was indulging in this calorie-dense meal about 3-4 times a week.  It was my go-to whenever I couldn’t be bothered cooking.  They taste delicious, they’re cheap and they take care of my fat/salt cravings.

I’m proud to say that I made it through the month.  And I have no doubt that this contributed to my recent weight loss. I also think it got me out of the habit, too, as by the end of the month it wasn’t even entering my mind to get them.

Let’s look at how many calories are in fish and chips:
camerazoom2012020221221A scoop of chips (400g) has about 1000 calories
A piece of battered fish has about 500 calories.

I treated myself last night but decided to use a plate to get my portion size right.  This was half a scoop, a piece of fish and half a sausage.  My estimation is about 1200 calories.  That’s about half of my recommended daily intake. And of course, it’s mostly fat. Price:  $3.50 (NZ)

Recently I discovered a much healthier takeaway that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.  Pita Pit is similar to Subway in that you choose your main ingredient, your salads and sauces.  But they taste so much better than Subway! 

chicken-ceasar-pitaI love the Chicken Caesar pita on wholemeal bread.  They cook your chicken, bacon, mushroom, capsicum and red onion on the grill. I then add lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, gherkin and pineapple, avocado and tzatziki spreads and a light aoli sauce.  It’s absolutely delicious and full of nutrition.  A large one is about 600 calories (half of my fish and chip plate above) and costs about $10 (NZ). 

If you haven’t tried Pita Pit yet, you really should.  It’s amazing! 

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