5 day workout

I now have a different workout for each work day (I work weekends and week nights).  Mon, Wed and Fri are cardio days and Tue and Thu are resistance training.


Warm-up:  Rower.  500 meters warm, 500 meters sprint.

Treadmill 200m sprint
Hands-up burpees x 5
swiss-ball-jackknifeDeep squat jumps x 10
Clap press ups x 5
V sit ups x 10
[repeat superset 10 times]

Swiss ball jack-knives x 8  (pictured)
Swiss ball pelvic raises x10
Swiss ball up downs 12 (vid)
[repeat superset 5 times]



Warm-up:  any cardio 5 minutes

DBFlyBarbell squat and press
Barbell deadlift and shrug [30kg x 12 each x 3 sets]

Barbell chest press 30kg x 10
Dumbbell chest fly  6kg x 6  (pictured)
Barbell bent over row  30kg x 10
Dumbell Reverse fly  6kg x 6  [x 4 supersets]

Adductors and Abductors   x 12 each
Calf raises and Toe raises  x 12/20  [x 3 sets]

Assisted pull ups @ 2/3 bodyweight x 8
Assisted dips @ 1/3 bodyweight x 8
Cable tricep extensions 36kg x 12
Cable curls  36kg x 12   [x4 supersets]

5 minute cardio cooldown



lying-leg-raises-topWarm-up:  Skipping 5 minutes

Treadmill 3km

Water grinder 2min sprint, 45sec easy x5

Lying leg raises x 8 (pictured)
Medicine ball Russian twists x 10
Lying back extension (supermans) x 12  [set x5]

Elliptical 20 minutes



Skipping 10 min total

DB box step ups x20
corea15DB curl and press x12  [both at 10kg, 3 sets]

Cable hip flexion (pictured)
Cable hip extension  [3 x 12 each]

Shoulder rotation straight (little circles with dumbell) [3 x 12]

Deep squats x 12
Cable hip internal rotation x 10 ??
Cable hip external rotation x 10 ??  [x3]

Elliptical x 10min



tricepdipSpin bike  10 min

Tricep dips  x25  (pictured)
Burpees x25
V sit ups x25
Press ups x25
Treadmill 1km   [3 supersets]


My new gym program

Cardio Day

Treadmill:  5min@11, 1min@easy, 5min@10 with 5%incline, 1min@easy, 3min@9.

Spin bike:  [ 1min@easy, 1min@medium, 1min@hard, 15 push ups. ] x4

Elliptical:  10min@14

Abdominals superset:   [x2]
  Swiss ball rollouts x 12
  Ankle touches x 15(each)
  Reverse crunch x 15
  Partial crunch x 15
  Swiss ball plank @40sec

Treadmill: 1km in best time.


Weights Day

Bike:  5-10min warm-up

Smith Machine Squat  x 10 (holding last rep 10 seconds)  [x4]

Dumbbell Chest Press:  4×15@15kg
Cable Row:  4×15@42kg

Pec Deck:  4×15@20kg
Straight Arm Pulldown:  4×15@36kg

Cable Upright Row:  3×15@36kg
Tricep Pulldown (rope):  3×10@42kg

Alternate front/lateral raises:  3×12@6kg
Barbell Biceps Curl:  3×10@20kg

Circuits and new cardio program

Small turnout to circuit training yesterday.  Just 6 of us and the trainer went outside to set up some exercise stations.

We started doing push ups, sit ups and squats as a group, then we went around the stations. First round was 30 seconds of each station, then 45 and then one minute.

The stations were: jogging with burpees, squats with a weight, throwing a medicine ball in the air while standing from seated position, bosu planks, turning from side to side with a weight for obliques, Swiss ball crunches and kettle bell squats.

I was probably the most unfit of those that turned up and sometimes wished for a break but there was basically no breaks at all.  It kicked my butt but I felt good afterwards.  I didn’t mind being outside where everyone walking or driving past could see.  I just felt proud of what I was doing and it was nice to be part of a group.

I started my new cardio program today. The treadmill settings have been increased a lot, and doing supersets of spin bike with push ups is a challenge.  When I got to the third exercise, the elliptical on gear 14 I just couldn’t do it for 10 minutes. I felt like my heart was going to burst by that stage.  I only managed 2 minutes.  I might try a lower gear and build up to 14.   Managed the rest of the program okay, but boy was I a sweaty mess afterwards! 

Loving the progress I’m making!  Will have a day off from gym tomorrow.

My program: cardio and core day

Total time:  1 hour

3min @ 10k flat
3min @ 10k 5% incline
4x 1min intervals at 12k

Back extensions  3×12

Sideways hyperextensions  3×12 each side

Rowing machine  3x300m sprints

Medicine Ball fetch and retrieve (crunches)  x16
Bicycle crunches  x20
Swiss ball pelvic raise  x15
Swiss ball leg raises  x20
Prone bridge  40sec
[superset x2]

Water grinder  (upper body ergometer)  30sec sprint
Max push up hold
[superset x10]

My program: weights day

Because my main goal with weight training is to get my cardio level up, my weight-lifting exercises are often combined into “supersets”, which means doing one set of one exercise, quickly followed by one set of another exercise, before resting and repeating.  Exercises grouped together below indicate a superset.

Rowing machine 1000m

Smith Machine squats  12@30kg   (now 40kg)
Jump squats x10

Incline dumbbell chest press  3×12@10kg  (now 12.5kg)

Barbell bent over rows  3×12@20kg  (now 25kg)

Standing dumbbell shoulder press  30sec@7kg   (now 12x8kg)
Dumbbell lateral raises  30sec@4kg    (now 10x5kg)

Barbell bicep curls 21’s@15kg
Reverse barbell curls 10@15kg

Triceps pushdown  12@42kg
Standing dumbbell overhead triceps 10@8kg

These weights might seem low, but I’m not very strong at all and find this pretty hard. Of course, I’ll bump them up when I feel stronger.

Weights day 2 – getting easier

Today was the second day of going through my new weights program.  Every 3-4 months, I get reassessed by the gym team, go over my goals and am given a new program to do for the next few months.

This time I saw Sheree (trainer) for the first time, and either she has a lot of confidence in me, or she really wants to help with my weight loss, because this new program is hard!  A real step up from my last one.  In fact, I wasn’t able to finish it the first time…  today I just made it.

I’ll lay out my routines in the next post.  I have two programs that I do on alternate days – one for cardio and core exercises, and the other for weight training.  While I don’t have a desire to get buff  (would rather just be slimmer), it seems to be accepted that doing weights is a great method of burning fat.

The past week, I’ve actually been quite sore in the days following trying this new program for the first time.  So sore, in fact, I had to take a couple days off.

imageOn my cardio day,  it was back extensions that got me.  The program had specified 3 sets of 20, but there’s just no way I can do that much.  I’ve settled on 3×12 for now.  One of the gym-goers warned me that the first time he did back extensions, he felt very sore the next day; even though I was expecting it, I was a little surprised. The exercise doesn’t seem so hard when you are doing it.  Anyway, my back was really sore for a few days afterwards.

imageOn my weights day, the exercise I’m finding hardest is dumbbell lateral raises.  I’m doing this in combination with shoulder presses.  I’m only using 4kg in each arm, but hell, it’s difficult!  I’m supposed to do 30 seconds of each exercise, but I only seem to manage about 6 lateral raises at the moment.  The day after my first weights day, my shoulders were so sore I actually felt like crying at the gym.  I mentioned it to a trainer but just got told that "pain was good".  Hmmmph.

Thankfully, I’m not sore after today’s workout, though I might be tomorrow morning.  I’m actually feeling pretty good today… and productive.

Tonight’s dinner:  Green curry chicken with capsicum, peas and brown rice.

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