5km jog – non stop :)

I feel so proud tonight.  I had taken the day off the gym because my upper body is a little stiff from my new weights program.  Tonight I decided to go for a jog.

Image 11I am so pleased with how well I did.  I managed to run 5km non-stop in just under 30 minutes. [Endomo] Not impressive by anyone’s standards, but being able to jog solidly without stopping was a great achievement for me.

I had done it once in the past but one of my ankles went completely numb half way through.  This time I was careful to land solidly on the foot (as opposed to rolling to the side) and to put some spring in my step.  I did get a hint of numbness but nothing like before, so I obviously just have to be more conscious of my running technique.  I’m also a bit lighter so that probably helps.

I feel my fitness level is really progressing.  What made this obvious tonight was the fact that my lungs weren’t burning; this is usually what has stopped me running in the past – needing to catch my breath.  I probably couldn’t have run much further than the 5km tonight, but it would have been genuine fatigue that made me stop.  Not burning lungs, not chest pains, not a sore ankle.  And fatigue is something I can work on, without so much pain.

Man, that feels good.

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