Catch-up of past week

I haven’t posted much recently – I guess my mood has been little low.  But I’ve maintained my exercise (4 days at the gym this week, plus Strike FX on Monday) and I’m proud to say I’m still losing weight.

Last weigh in: 95.6kg
This week:  94.4kg

I haven’t a clue when I was last this weight…. years ago I think.

Have eaten out a few times this week and have been a little bit more relaxed with food. My recommended intake, factoring in weight loss, is 2700 calories which is still quite a lot. 

imageJanuary is almost over and I’m proud to say I haven’t got fish ‘n chips once.  I did make some roast potatoes with minimal oil once, but they weren’t that great… think I have to cook them longer on a lower heat.  But to compare, I went to a friends house for dinner and took her some potatoes to roast.  I was gob-smacked with how much olive oil she put in the pan… they were basically swimming in it.  They were nice… but I think I’d prefer to do with about 10% of the oil.

Anyway… will keep on keeping on…

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