Dude, where’s my weight loss?

Tuesday this week marked the end of the 8 week weight loss programme I’ve been doing, And no weight loss to show for it!  The Tuesday just gone was the final weigh in for the 8 week weight loss program I’ve been doing at the gym.  My net loss?  A whopping 900g.  I don’t know why, but EVERYBODY in the program had disappointing results.  Though there were about 15 people in the program, the total weight lost was 5kg (so I did about 20% of that!)

Though my result was unimpressive, it beats gaining weight, and I kind of feel that I had a genuine excuse.  I signed up for the program when I was unemployed, and had plenty of time to put into it.  Not long after, I found work, and going to the gym went from a 5-per-week thing to a twice a week thing, and my diet went out the window.


I’m so close to my 90kg target, but I’ve been this close for a couple of months now.  90kg was a realistic target, but my ideal weight would be between 80-85kg.  So I won’t be resting any time soon, even though I’ve plateaued.  Just today at work I saw a book someone was selling called "Losing the last 5 kilos".  It motivated me a bit to keep going.

I booked in for a reassessment at the gym on Thursday.  My muscle mass has increased since February, and my percentage of body fat has also decreased (now 21%).  My visceral fat also fell from 8% to 7%.  So it was reassuring to see I’m still making progress, despite the weight plateau.  There was something else that was reassuring, too.  I had a fitness test.  I don’t really understand the science, but I was put on a bike for about 6 minutes,  and the resistance changed periodically while it monitored my heart rate.  My result was 51.9ml/kg/min which places my fitness at "Excellent"



It blows my mind that I’m considered fitter than most people.  Cos honestly, I still feel very big and unfit. 

The main purpose for the reassessment, though, was to refocus.  To get a new schedule to follow that will help me lose the last few kilos and get even fitter.  My trainer says the schedule he’s going to do for me will involve doing exercise 6 days a week; an hour at the gym Monday to Friday, and a jog after work one day in the weekend.  Sounds intense, but I’m motivated to do it.  I’m meeting up with him on Tuesday to go over the new programme.

This week I got to the gym 4 times, and went for a 5km run this evening.  It was reassuring to know I can still do it; I thought my fitness might have declined since I last did it.  My right foot is still going numb at the 4km mark, though.    I will see another podiatrist soon.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  Now that I’m on top of my new job and have re-gained my work/exercise balance, I’ll endeavour to post more.  Rock on.


Easy on, easy off… (reassessment)

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty invincible.  I’d been allowing myself quite a few treats and still had weeks of consecutive loss  (Christmas aside).  Anyway, I guess I’ve learned that there is a limit.  I had a gym reassessment a few days ago and weighed in a whopping 1.5kg (3lbs) heavier than last week.  Murphy’s law, right? Gaining weight the one time someone else is watching.  At first I was shocked and asked if we could do it again.  Then shock turned to disappointment as my weigh was confirmed.

Thinking back, I had had a pretty bad week.  My depression has been pretty bad lately; I felt sluggish all week and had a couple of massive binges. Guess I need to find other coping mechanisms…  but when I get that low I just stop caring.  Aaaargh.  Anyway this isn’t that kind of blog so moving on…

The good news is that that weigh in motivated me to workout harder and eat better the next few days, and I was able to get back to where I was in 4 days.  Funny – I lost that weight so fast that the website where I track my weight had to confirm I hadn’t mistyped.   So yep, just a small blip on the weight graph.

Image 1

Interestingly, my trainer said I’d lost muscle mass.  Despite starting weight training a few months ago.  I’m not sure how accurate those scales are at determining that kind of thing anyway. How accurate can sending a minor electronic pulse through my body be?  My body fat percentage is 24%, which according to Wikipedia is on the high side of average.  Ideally I’d like to get it below 15%.

And with that my trainer and I discussed what I wanted to focus on (continued weight loss).  She says she’ll increase my reps with weights and step up my cardio days.  I’ll post my new program soon.

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