5 day workout

I now have a different workout for each work day (I work weekends and week nights).  Mon, Wed and Fri are cardio days and Tue and Thu are resistance training.


Warm-up:  Rower.  500 meters warm, 500 meters sprint.

Treadmill 200m sprint
Hands-up burpees x 5
swiss-ball-jackknifeDeep squat jumps x 10
Clap press ups x 5
V sit ups x 10
[repeat superset 10 times]

Swiss ball jack-knives x 8  (pictured)
Swiss ball pelvic raises x10
Swiss ball up downs 12 (vid)
[repeat superset 5 times]



Warm-up:  any cardio 5 minutes

DBFlyBarbell squat and press
Barbell deadlift and shrug [30kg x 12 each x 3 sets]

Barbell chest press 30kg x 10
Dumbbell chest fly  6kg x 6  (pictured)
Barbell bent over row  30kg x 10
Dumbell Reverse fly  6kg x 6  [x 4 supersets]

Adductors and Abductors   x 12 each
Calf raises and Toe raises  x 12/20  [x 3 sets]

Assisted pull ups @ 2/3 bodyweight x 8
Assisted dips @ 1/3 bodyweight x 8
Cable tricep extensions 36kg x 12
Cable curls  36kg x 12   [x4 supersets]

5 minute cardio cooldown



lying-leg-raises-topWarm-up:  Skipping 5 minutes

Treadmill 3km

Water grinder 2min sprint, 45sec easy x5

Lying leg raises x 8 (pictured)
Medicine ball Russian twists x 10
Lying back extension (supermans) x 12  [set x5]

Elliptical 20 minutes



Skipping 10 min total

DB box step ups x20
corea15DB curl and press x12  [both at 10kg, 3 sets]

Cable hip flexion (pictured)
Cable hip extension  [3 x 12 each]

Shoulder rotation straight (little circles with dumbell) [3 x 12]

Deep squats x 12
Cable hip internal rotation x 10 ??
Cable hip external rotation x 10 ??  [x3]

Elliptical x 10min



tricepdipSpin bike  10 min

Tricep dips  x25  (pictured)
Burpees x25
V sit ups x25
Press ups x25
Treadmill 1km   [3 supersets]


High Intensity Resistance

Straight back into the gym today to make amends for yesterday’s binge.  Seeing the wall at the gym where our weight-loss challenge achievements will be posted has made me very motivated to record a loss this week  (hey, I’m a guy – we’re naturally competitive!)

Today I gave the high intensity resistance program a first attempt.  Like the cardio one, it was very tough but I got through it.

Sumo Squat Upright RowBarbell squat and press*, push ups, sumo squat with upright row* (pictured) and burpees was the first superset.  Then I moved onto cable deadlifts*, assisted pull ups, tricep dips* and cable curls*.  Out to the pool to do a lap around it in lunges  (poor practice, really as the side of the pool is often wet).  Finally some mat work:  Medicine Ball Russian twists, swiss ball plank and bicycle crunches.      *= new to me

Difficult exercises for me are the lunges (I could only do half a lap but I’ll work up to it) and the Medicine Ball Russian Twists; I’ve done them before in a previous program but I kept my feet on the floor.  Now I’m attempting to do them with my feet in the air and I feel really uncoordinated, but I’m slowly starting to manage it.


Medicine Ball Russian Twists


Ate less food than usual today to hopefully accommodate for yesterday’s binge.  Expecting my muscles to feel a little sore in the morning.  Sore is good.  🙂

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