Happy New Year!

I’m a bit off track.  Firstly, my gym is shut for a couple days.  Second, it’s been pouring non stop.  Third, drinkies last night and a huge lunchtime meal with friends.  Hopefully dancing last night burnt a few calories.

Anyway, thinking of New Year’s Resolutions…  I was recently linked to a blog post from this guy who made a resolution to exercise every single day of 2011 – and he stuck to it.  It’s admirable but perhaps a bit too ambitious for me.

I’ve decided instead of a yearly resolution I’m going to have month-long resolutions for each month of 2012.  My first goal for the month of January is not to have fish and chips all month.  That may seem small, but F&Cs are my number one vice.  I’m hoping that by abstaining for a month, I’ll get out of the habit of eating them and ultimately be less tempted.

My tummy is sore from eating too much…  I promise I’ll be good tomorrow 🙂

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