Saturday – cardio

roman-chair-grch322Catching up on 3 days here.

Saturday morning my cardio day at the gym went well.  Back extensions were a lot harder this time because the roman chair here has your feet and hips at the same height, whilst the one I use at home is on a 45 degree incline.

00000121747-NautilusNR2000Recumbent-largeThey didn’t have a water grinder for my arms so I tried the recumbent bicycle – something they don’t have at home – for one minute sprints.  Definitely got my heart rate up in the same way. Walked home from the gym, again. (approx 3km)

Took Sunday off…  had a hangover from the night before – a wedding where the food was relatively healthy but I drank a lot of wine.  I’m just not strict with my food…  I SHOULD (or COULD) be a lot stricter, and if and when the weight loss stops I probably will.

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