Back Home

I’m currently back in my home town for a friend’s wedding.  My gym has a reciprocal arrangement with many gyms around the country called Fitpass, where I’m able to to use these gyms for free, so fortunately I am able to use a local gym while I’m here.

It’s always interesting using a new gym.  Today I did my weights routine and was able to do my whole routine without problem.  Are rowing machines not standardised?  I found the rowing machine I used today to be twice as easy as the ones back home, even though I use the hardest setting on both.

Gisborne is a very easy going town, too.  I’ve used other gyms in bigger cities using Fitpass and usually I have to sign myself in, and am given a tour of the facilities before I begin.  Here I was just waved in and told to go for it. Another example is that two guys asked me to spot for them.  I never get asked to spot back home.

After my workout today (which seemed tougher than usual, but I got through it) I took a a casual walk through my home town and then a brisk walk home. 6 km total.

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