Food poisoning = weight loss!

6a00e551d294ef88330147e30f8cee970b-800wi… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I still don’t know what caused it, but on New Year’s night I suddenly started liquid pooping and vomiting… it wasn’t pretty.  On the advice of my parents I starved myself for the next day and stayed in bed for the day after too.

By Jan 4th I was ready to go back to the gym and I was surprised by my ability…  I got through it all no problems, which continued for the next 3 days (Yep, 4 days in a row, baby!)

What’s probably unsurprising is that I lost weight as a result (2kg since the week before).  I thought this weight would go straight back on when I began to eat solids again, but after a couple of days it seems to have stayed off.  Fingers crossed.  Still loving the smoothies too.  Definitely getting a lot more fruit into me.  I wonder if they’re helping with the weight loss.

Current weight:  96.2kg

Image 1

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