Boxfit, Program and Stairs

Last night Box-fit activity was fun.  I was partnered up with another guy this time which helps.  I’ve found the toughest times are not when you have to punch hard but when you have to punch fast.  Keeping your hands up can be very tiring.

I’m still not sleeping very well.  Today I snoozed in til lunch time after finally getting to sleep at some ridiculous hour after the sun came up.  I still don’t understand why I’ve had trouble sleeping as soon as I started exercising 😦

This morning at the gym I went through our weight-loss routine for the third time, and today it seemed hard than usual (probably due to the lack of sleep).  I really struggled with dumbbell surrenders,  and could only last 5 minutes on the treadmill (set to 11)  instead of the target 7.  Still, I enjoy the Spin component at the end.  It’s non stop for about 15 minutes alternating between easy and hard, easy and standing hard.  Worked up a good sweat and I wasn’t left breathless throughout.

I only got a couple of hours rest in and home before I had to leave for a local stadium for Stairs with the group.  This was short but intense.  For 20 minutes we just went up and down the stairs (4 storeys) non stop.  I managed to do 11 climb and descends which I guess is the equivalent of 88 storeys travelled.  It started getting very tough at the end there and I needed to take moments between levels on the way up.  So next week I have to aim to beat 11.

Tonights dinner was a small piece of grilled pork, asparagus, broccoli and boiled carrot.  Not the best tasting dinner…  I have got to learn some tricks.


Workout, program show and stairs

My body is sore!  I’m having trouble sleeping at night and my stomach doesn’t know whether it’s hungry or full, but it sure feels funny.  The joys of starting a new diet and exercise program, huh?

Yesterday morning I met up with a friend at the gym and went through my program (which was put together a couple weeks ago as a ‘get back into it’ kind of program).  It was nice working out with a friend.  I worked up a good sweat, pushed myself quite hard and felt quite good having so much air flowing through my lungs

Dinner and lunch was left over chicken breast & capsicums – and lots of fruit in between.  Did have a few rice crackers last night as my tummy was feeling a bit funny.  Not sure how bad those are – seem to be light in calories.

In the evening I went back to the gym to learn the program that everyone in the weight loss group is supposed to do.  It seems okay – lots of cardio as you might expect with some dumbbell and swiss ball exercises.  Most supersets are about doing as many sets as you can so I’ll start doing about 3 of each and gradually increase how many I can do as I get fitter.

Today’s group circuit exercise was quite gruelling!  We got asked to pick up a dumbbell which is the equivalent of how much we are wanting to lose.  So I picked up a 12.5kg dumbell and ended up regretting it. The 50 minutes was full of running exercises with the dumbbell and a big part of that was going up the stairs (where the water slide is).  At the end I was outside my comfort zone,  I was pushed just a little too hard and felt a bit faint.  It’s a delicate line – getting the most out of it while not pushing yourself too hard – isn’t it?

Today’s dinner and lunch is a grilled chicken breast with a serving of brocolli and carrots.  I’m also going to meet a friend at Pita Pit soon.  I love their food!

The sleep thing is a worry – I just haven’t been able to get to sleep until the sun is coming up the past few nights.  Apparently it’s not too uncommon when starting a new exercise problem.  But I hope it comes right soon.

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