76013_496078680907_203607790907_7119857_5069120_nOn Mondays during Summer my gym has an activity called Strike-FX which is a cross between aerobics and kickboxing  (others might know it as body combat). It’s a medium to high intensity aerobics class that lasts about 45 minutes. I did it a few times last  year and always found it really fun but difficult.

Today was the second time I’ve done it this Summer and… phew!  What a workout!  I was sweating like a pig…  something I keep expecting to happen less the more fit and less fat I become… but the sweating seems to show no sign of slowing down for now.  Does what you eat before hand have anything to do with how much you sweat?  Cos I confess to eating a bit of junk food (chips and chocolate) before the session today.  Still,  the more you sweat, the more weight you’re losing, no?  Or is that just a myth?

Today I managed to get through the whole workout without taking a few breaks like I used to (the aerobics class doesn’t stop, obviously, and you look like a dick…)  so I was quite pleased.  I asked a couple of the others if today was easier than normal, and they said no,  which tells me my fitness and strength is improving.  Awesome.

Tonight I steamed some broccoli and ate it with 3 slices of pizza my flatmate had brought home.  I know most people would eat a few different vegies in one meal, but I’m quite happy doing it cheaply and eating lots of one vegetable; tonight I ate the whole head.

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