Treadmill Challenge

high-intensity-interval-training-treadmillRelaxed for most of the day after my strenuous PT session yesterday, and surprisingly wasn’t feeling too sore or sluggish today.  At about 4pm I headed to the gym for something I’d been dreading a little – the treadmill cardio challenge.

The idea is that weight-loss program participants would do it today and then again at the end of the program to track improvement.  I knew the results would be written on the notice board so I really wanted to do my best.

The exercise consisted of a 5 minutes warm-up at 6km/h (walking) with a 4% incline, followed by one minute to return the incline to neutral. Then the speed was increased 1km/h every minute on the minute until we couldn’t go any further/faster. 

I noticed my partner had already recorded his achievement – he managed to finish 14km – so I was determined to at least equal that.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The girl doing it on the treadmill next to me dropped off after 11km/h but I was still doing fine.  At about 13km/h I was starting to feel it but was determined to keep going.  I was tempted to drop off after 14km/h to equal my partner but felt I still had a little bit more in me.  I ended up finishing 15km/h.

Was very pleased with this – quite proud.  At the time I wrote it down it was the highest achievement, but other people will have done it after me.  I then stayed and finished the high intensity cardio program, having already completed the treadmill component.

Dinner tonight was baked chicken pieces, mashed potato and broccoli.  I’m feeling good.


8 Week Weight Loss Program

Weightloss722Though I’m still losing weight, I feel that the rate I’m losing it has slowed down quite considerably.  Cue my gym offering an 8 week weight loss challenge and I thought it would be a great opportunity to step things up a notch.  It’s really good value too;  $100 would normally get you just 1 or 2 PT sessions but here it covers the whole 8 weeks including group activities and a PT session every week.

Last night was a weigh in (93.5kg) and measure, followed by a quick pep talk. Because it’s done with partners I was partnered up with the only other guy there – yep, about 12 women and just 2 guys.  The guy I’m partnered up with seems pretty cool – he’s a little bit older but about the same height and weight.  Plus he has depression issues too so we can relate to each other.

Tonight we were all shown two new programs – high intensity cardio and high intensity resistance.  Most people left afterwards but I stuck around and gave the cardio one a go.  Phew – that was intense!  The toughest part of the program was:

smooth_fitness_5.65__1Treadmill on fast pace
1 min run {1 burpee, 1 squat-jump, 1 push-up}
1 min run {2 burpees, 2 squat-jumps, 2 push-ups}
etc etc.
Repeat up to 5 reps of each,  have a 2 minute break, and then repeat.

After that I was feeling dizzy, my heart was racing almost painfully and I was sweating like a pig.  But I felt proud that I got through it. Next week the PT sessions and group exercises start.

Circuits and new cardio program

Small turnout to circuit training yesterday.  Just 6 of us and the trainer went outside to set up some exercise stations.

We started doing push ups, sit ups and squats as a group, then we went around the stations. First round was 30 seconds of each station, then 45 and then one minute.

The stations were: jogging with burpees, squats with a weight, throwing a medicine ball in the air while standing from seated position, bosu planks, turning from side to side with a weight for obliques, Swiss ball crunches and kettle bell squats.

I was probably the most unfit of those that turned up and sometimes wished for a break but there was basically no breaks at all.  It kicked my butt but I felt good afterwards.  I didn’t mind being outside where everyone walking or driving past could see.  I just felt proud of what I was doing and it was nice to be part of a group.

I started my new cardio program today. The treadmill settings have been increased a lot, and doing supersets of spin bike with push ups is a challenge.  When I got to the third exercise, the elliptical on gear 14 I just couldn’t do it for 10 minutes. I felt like my heart was going to burst by that stage.  I only managed 2 minutes.  I might try a lower gear and build up to 14.   Managed the rest of the program okay, but boy was I a sweaty mess afterwards! 

Loving the progress I’m making!  Will have a day off from gym tomorrow.

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