Sunday: Weigh in

Previous Weight:  99.0kg
Current weigh: 97.4kg
Loss:  1.6kg

So I’m pretty pleased with that!  I thought I’d hit a plateau.  Nice to see things are ticking along smoothly and that my splurges on fish and chips this week didn’t do too much damage.  At this rate I might reach my (first) goal of 90kg in January or so…

imageToday was cardio day at the gym, and I got through most of it okay.  The water grinder, which is the last exercise in my program (and also one of the hardest), was out of action. I did jump on the cross trainer instead but by that stage I was exhausted… and because I was sweating like a pig, that told me an early finish was in order.

So I’m still working my way up to actually doing my program as specified… but I’m not far of it now.  This is my 3 attempt and I think I’ll have mastered it after 3 more.

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